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Microsoft Releases Windows 8 For Public Test

Microsoft Releases Windows 8 For Public Test
Amit Shrivastava, EFY News Network
(Wednesday, February 29, 2012 2:08:30 PM)

Microsoft has released the test version of Windows 8 for public to let them try out the slick, new-look operating system.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012: Microsoft's new operating system Windows 8 has been eagerly awaited since last year and now the company has unveiled the new platform for public test at the ongoing Mobile World Congress. Also, the company has confirmed Windows 8 Consumer Preview for MWC 2012. The new OS got showcased to the public as Windows unit head Steven Sinofsky introduced the "Consumer Preview" at MWC event in Barcelona. The test version of Windows 8 OS can be downloaded to PCs and laptops based on Intel chips. However, those who wish to try it on ARM tablet have to wait longer. The latest Windows 8 OS is compatible with low-power microprocessors designed by ARM Holdings Plc. The Windows new platform is compatible with both tablets as well as desktops and laptops.
"The big increment here is that it'll be viable on the ARM platform, that there will be a tablet form factor--that kind of makes it a big deal," said Dan Hanson, a portfolio manager at BlackRock, which holds 5 per cent of Microsoft's shares through various funds. "Microsoft correctly identified the relevance of the tablet-form factor over a decade ago. This operating system may allow them to finally execute."

Reportedly, the Windows 8 OS is designed in two versions--one made for Intel's traditional x86 chips for desktops and laptops and the latest version for the ARM microprocessors, widely used for tablets, smartphones and other portable devices, reports Zee News.

However, in both versions, Windows 8 features a completely new interface adopted from 'Metro' style of the current Windows Phone software. This new interface offers blocks or 'tiles' to the users, which can be moved around the screen or tapped to go straight into an application.

Industry analysts are expecting that the Windows 8 release has to be good and soon. However, a former Microsoft engineer Michael Cherry cautioned: "Now that the tablet market is being defined by the iPad and the (Amazon) Kindle, if they come out with a buggy first version, they won't get a second chance."

Although there's no official word on the final release of the Windows 8 version, but it is hinted that the Windows 8 will debut around October 2012.